Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard Review

The Razer Huntsman Elite is one of the first gaming keyboards to use an operational switch. The optomechanical switches are designed to support your gaming habits for the next decade. Before we get started with our in-depth review, checkout the links in description to compare various pricing options on the Razer Huntsman Elite. Despite its kitchen-sink approach to design, the Razer Huntsman Elite is a very good gaming keyboard.

Razer claims that its switches can withstand up to 100 million clicks, in comparison to its competitors that can only hold up to 50 million clicks. In fact, the dial isn't just limited to adjusting the volume; you can customize the keyboard to perform multiple pre-programmed functions such as changing the music track, changing the zoom in Microsoft Word, and changing weapons in games. The Huntsman Elite is measured at 18 x 6 inches with the wrist rest and around 18 x 10 inches with it. The rest of the keyboard is sizeable, but is extremely comfortable, with its sturdy plastic chassis and foam fabric. It has a magnetic connection that allows the keyboard and wrist rest sit perfectly together, regardless if you set your keyboard to be propped up or set it flat. What makes this keyboard better than its competition is its inclusion of discrete media controls. These circular buttons can pause, play, fast forward, and rewind music files, and it has a dial that allows you to control the volume.

Discrete media controls are necessary for most premium gaming keyboard, and it's about time Razer uses then instead of relying on time-consuming Fn-key shortcuts. If you open up one of the keys, you’ll find an unusual switch: a purple switch that’s attached to metal springs and a clear plastic cylinder in the back. Believe it or not, the actual switch is in the cylinder. Rather than needing a mechanical switch to create electrical contact, such as a typewriter, the optical switches work through its infrared light. When you press on one of Razer’s optomechanical switch, it sends to signal to the keyboard’s hardware, which transmits its data to the computer. No matter how much you press down on a mechanical switch, it’s virtually impossible for it to surpass speeds of 180,000 miles per second (which is the speed of light). As it allows users to link their performance and lighting profiles with its individual games, as well as program macros that can change the RGB lighting with a fair amount of nuance. The Huntsman Elite users Razer’s Synapse 3 software. The program is interesting and explains what each screen does when you go through it. So that sums up our Razer Huntsman Elite review. We hope you enjoyed the video and have learnt about one of the best gaming keyboards on the market.

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