Galaxy Note 10 - Samsung's Fastest Charging Smartphone EVER

Samsung has been using the Quick charge 2.0 technology ever since 2014 with a charging power of 15W.

That, however, changed with the 5G version of the Galaxy S10 that offered a 25W charging speeds which Samsung calls a super fast charging. It's a considerable upgrade for Samsung users who have been stuck with the 15W power from about 5 years.

That said, we recently heard that the Galaxy Note 10 will also feature the same 25W charging speeds. Turns out it's not true. Ice universe tweeted out again that he got that part wrong which lead everyone disappointed because everyone assumed that fast charging is not happening again and we'll be stuck with the same old 15W charger. But Ice Universe tweeted out again today clarifying that the Galaxy Note 10 will offer more than 25W of charging speeds. He didn't say how much exactly but did mention that the battery capacity and charging speeds will no longer be Samsung's weakness. So this could mean we could get a 30, 40 or even 50W of fast charger. Practically they can go up to 100W of power, xiaomi has already showcased that but that kind of ridiculous power is not good for the battery and the battery won't even last for two years with the current tech that we have. So I'm sure that's not gonna happen. If I were to make a guess it would be 30W, I don't think Samsung will go more than that considering the history they had with the batteries but in any case, the Galaxy Note 10 will be Samsung's fastest charging smartphone ever. Mrwhosetheboss talked to Ice Universe on Twitter and pulled out some interesting information. First off he said the Galaxy Note 10 will have a single hole at the front and the Note 10 Pro will have two holes similar to the Galaxy S10 lineup. But the interesting thing Ice Universe is indirectly suggesting is that the Galaxy Note 10 might have those hole cutouts in the middle and not at the sides. It's just a guess based on this cryptic tweet so don't quote me on that but I think it makes sense for Samsung to do it as it'll help the Note 10 look different than the S10. Speaking of which, Ice universe also said that the back of the Note 10 will see a redesign. Again, this can mean a whole lot of things, from a different finish on the back to a different camera setup and camera setup design but in any case, the Galaxy Note 10 will be a significant upgrade and will not be just a Galaxy S10+ with an S-Pen. The Galaxy Note 9 got an update a couple of days ago which brought a couple of key improvements to the device. First up the Note 9 got the ability to switch between a narrow and wider field of view when taking selfies. It's something Samsung introduced with the S10 then later brought to the S9 and now the Note 9 got it as well. The second improvement is the night mode, No not the night mode of the camera but the system-wide dark theme.

Now you can set a schedule for the night mode. As for the night mode for the camera, it still didn't get it but I'm positive it will with a future update. I'm going to keep you posted so consider subscribing for that and as usual, I'll see you tomorrow...Peace out! .

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